Levelling System

To prevent the multiplayer game from being too difficult for new users, we will introduce a levelling system to keep track of how much users have access to. This should also prevent veterans from totally eradicating beginners, and will ensure that you can work your way up through the ranks.

The levelling system could work like a reputation where you can give points to each others. Then the good hacker will get a lot of points for doing the jobs he is asked to do and the evil hacker, who just bothers everybody for their own amusement, will get a low score.

You could make special benefits / programs for the different types of hackers : Black Hat, White Hat and Gray Hat, as they are called in the real world.

Black Hat is the hacker who is exercising the bad aspects of hacking, so as to gain control af other users' computers and steal t hair money. White Hat hackers are known to help other users on the missions you get. Gray Hat hackers are a bit of both, not entirely good but not entirely bad either.

The score of points might have influence on the missions you get allocated and what programs you can get. There may also be a reputation server on the network where people can find out whether they can count on you and see what skills you have.

This would be a good idea to build because then the users can send each other on missions with rewards, so you get higher in the ranks and there for it is good to know which skills and experience each hacker has when you hire them for a mission so you get the right man for the job. The hacker who gets a mission can also check out the rank of the hacker who is sending him a on a mission.

This can also be used to buy programs or skills from others and to check your own security, but like in the real world you will not be able to know for sure that the counterpart does not exploit your system against you.

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